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- Bylaws -

Bylaws for the R.M. of Lakeside No. 338.

Administration Bylaw No. 1-24

General Elections Bylaw No. 4-24

Base Tax Bylaw No. 5-23

Mill Rate Factor Bylaw No. 4-23

Road Damage Bylaw No. 3-23

General Penalty Bylaw No. 2-23

Wimmer Lane Closure Bylaw No. 1-23

Amend to Zoning Bylaw No. 1-19

To Repeal Previous Bylaws No. 7-18

Building Bylaw No. 4-18

Tarping Bylaw No. 3-18

Establishment of Mutual Aid Area Bylaw No. 2-18

Emergency Measures Bylaw No. 1-18

Code of Ethics Bylaw No. 3-16

To Regulate the Proceedings of Municipal Council and Council's Committees Bylaw No. 1-16

To Establish Fees for Planning and Development Services Bylaw No. 6-15

Concerning the Erection of Highway Traffic Signs Bylaw No. 4-15

Zoning Bylaw No. 3-15

Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2-15

To Prevent and Control Clubroot Bylaw No. 1-12

To Provide for Restricting the Operation of Certain Vehicles on Roads Bylaw No. 2-11

To Manage Vehicle Weights Bylaw No. 1-11

For the Destruction of Documents Bylaw No. 1-10

To Establish Property Tax Incentives and Penalties Bylaw No. 3-08

To Establish a Tangible Capital Asset Policy Bylaw No. 2-08

To Amend Bylaw No. 3-01 (the Basic Planning Statement) Bylaw No. 1-08

Nuisance Abatement Bylaw No. 1-06

To Establish a Public Notice Policy Bylaw No. 6-05

To Regulate the Speed of Motor Vehicles Bylaw No. 1-05

To Amend Bylaw No. 1-91 (Haying Policy) Bylaw No. 1-03

To Amend Bylaw No. 1-96 (REACT) Bylaw No. 1-01

To Enter Into An Agreement Respecting Appointments to McNab Regional Park Bylaw No. 3-00

To Regulate the Speed of Motor Vehicles Bylaw No. 3-99

To Pay Accounts Bylaw No. 1-98

Agreement Respecting the Parkland Regional Library Bylaw No. 4-97

To Establish an Assessment Appeal Fee Bylaw No. 3-97

To Establish a Regional Waste Management Authority Bylaw No. 1-96

To Dispense with the Mailing of Assessment Notices Bylaw No. 7-95

Respecting Hunting of Beaver Within the Municipality Bylaw No. 2-94

To Establish a Haying Policy Bylaw No. 1-91

To Provide for the Extension of Hours of Voting Bylaw No. 13-90

To Prohibit Obstructions Adjacent to Certain Road Allowances Bylaw No. 9-90

To Establish a Local Agriculture, Development and Diversification Board Bylaw No. 8-90

Agreement with SARM Bylaw No. 7-90

Provide Enforcement of Bylaws Bylaw No. 4-90

Agriculture Development and Diversification Board Bylaw No. 3-89

Respecting the Situating of Buildings Bylaw No. 2-88

Eradication of Rats Bylaw No. 4-81

Creating a Capital Trust Fund Bylaw No. 4-79


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